Health and Safety

Providing a safe and secure childcare environment is our No. 1 priority at SEED.

Our standards are the highest in the industry, meeting or exceeding all local and state guidelines, as well as those of the National Association for the Education of Young Children in the U.S.

Every SEED centre has a Doctor-on-call and is attached to a local hospital in case of emergencies. All teachers are trained in First Aid procedures and will take care of minor injuries. If there is an emergency, the school staff will perform the necessary actions and inform you at the earliest. Allergies to medication or food are informed to us in writing at the time of admission.

At SEED, we have a set of safety and security procedures and standards that we strictly enforce at every centre. Some of the highlights include:

• Well planned spaces with rounded corners and soft surfaces
• Secure areas that keep children constantly within sight, indoors and out
• Careful transition tracking procedure for moving children from place to place
• Personalized check-in at the gate to ensure security
• Strict hand-washing, sanitary and health policies to prevent spread of germs
• Cleaning of all surfaces including toys, child furnishings, diapering areas and food
spaces every evening
• Allergy list to food and medication
• Fitness and nutrition programs to start a lifetime of healthy habits

Our pick-up and drop-off policy is very strict. You have to submit photos of yourselves and any others who are to pick up your child. We do not allow those without authorization to pick up your child. No visitors are allowed on the premises during school hours.

SEED also has a disaster management protocol in place and fire drills and earthquake drills are part of teacher training. In case of any emergency, natural or otherwise, and SEED is forced to close the school and if you cannot be reached, your child is taken care of at our premises until you can come in person to pick up your child. SEED follows an Emergency Call Chain to reach parents faster.