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Welcome to SEED Academy

Seed Academy is a progressive primary school that believes that children should experience learning.We believe learning is maximized when it takes place in an environment enriched with support, encouragement and assistance. We celebrate the pursuit of lifelong learning and are committed to nurturing high self-esteem and respect for others.

The three pillars of SEED Academy

What makes us different?

    • Belief in Progressive Education and the Inquiry method
    • Subject-specific learning centres that can accommodate multiple learning levels
    • Emphasis on Socio-Emotional Learning
    • Hands-on learning through Math, Science, Cognitive and Language labs
    • Specialist Curriculum in Leadership, Art, Music and Movement, Drama, Sports, Library, and Computers
    • Focus on holistic development and individualized learning by catering to the multiple intelligences of the children


Core Values
Seed Academy operates on the core principles of Knowledge, Creativity and Leadership.

SEED Academy Logo
  • Experiencing Learning – All children are naturally born, curious, learners. At Seed Academy, we nurture their enthusiasm and energy by creating a school experience that mimics their natural learning process and that is aligned with current educational research. Our belief is that when the school environment is stimulating, developmentally appropriate, and fun, children remain self-motivated, independent and inquisitive learners throughout life.
  • Creating Leaders By focusing on the social-emotional development of children and inculcating in them the courage to act on their beliefs, we believe every child can be a leader.
  • Academic excellence Seed Academy fosters an atmosphere of curiosity, creation, and collaboration. We are committed to active, reflective, creative learning. We believe learning is an active social process that requires each child to construct knowledge of the world in a setting that promotes individual challenge and cooperative exploration.
  • Family Participation Parents and families are valued and strongly encouraged to be involved in all aspects of the school from the classroom to special events. As families and educators, we are collectively responsible for the holistic development of our children.
  • The Community Seed Academy is dedicated to reaching beyond our doors to actively share our mission, energy, and passion with the surrounding community.
  • Mutual Respect & Team Work SEED is a learning community in which all activities take place in an environment of mutual respect, warmth, and genuine care for each individual.


    • Multi-level learning environments Multi-level learning environments lend a flexible approach to learning. This allows for each child to explore the learning environment according to his or her development levels. The classrooms are modeled such that the teacher can scale the spectrum of conceptual learning up or down depending on the grasping capacity and learning styles of individual children.
    • Hands-on Learning Labs At Seed Academy, learning is enriched through hands-on learning labs, which form an integral part of each learning centre. These learning labs help reinforce academic concepts in Math, Science, Language, and Computers. The materials in the labs create a fun and engaging environment for children to explore concepts in an experiential manner.
    • Progressive Education In progressive education, the child plays a more active role in his or her own learning than in traditional education, so teachers focus on the characteristics of each learner in addition to the quality and scope of academic content. This is a student-centered approach to teaching. Teachers are also encouraged to be independent and creative in responding to the needs of their learners. The individual child’s interests, abilities and learning style are viewed as important factors in designing and assessing learning. Children are encouraged to follow their interests, pursue problems in a way that makes sense to them and defend their conclusions by explaining their thinking. Formulating one’s own questions is valued equally alongside answering a teacher’s questions.
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  • Socio-emotional Learning (SEL) At Seed Academy, we believe that we cannot educate the mind without educating the heart. There is equal emphasis on social/emotional and academic learning. SEL is a process that helps children develop the fundamental skills for life effectiveness. Self-management, self-awareness, social awareness, responsible decision-making, and relationship skills are the core competencies of SEL that are integrated into our daily curriculum.
  • Inquiry method The Inquiry approach is focused on using and learning content as a means to develop information-processing and problem-solving skills. There is more emphasis on “how we come to know” and less on “what we know.” Students are more involved in the construction of knowledge through active involvement. The more interested and engaged students are by a subject or project, the easier it will be for them to construct in-depth knowledge of it. Learning becomes almost effortless when something fascinates students and reflects their interests and goals. At Seed Academy, we will incorporate the Inquiry method into our curriculum in our Self Organized Learning Environments (SOLEs).
  • Field Trips Field Trips will form an integral part of our mission to augment classroom learning with real-life experiences. Field trips to the planetarium, farm, post office, zoo, science centres, and many more will be spread across the year.
Academic Curriculum
Seed Academy will be an ICSE school. We will, however, follow the guidelines prescribed by both the CBSE and ICSE boards to facilitate our children to move into either stream after completion of their primary schooling. We have adapted the XSEED curriculum as a guideline for the core academic subjects and built on it with other specialized programs and learning labs to give children an enriching learning experience.  
Specialist Curriculum
Seed Academy’s passion is for the whole child. Our specialist programs form an integral part of our curriculum. Provided by carefully selected specialists, these programs create a unique learning experience, and are closely tied to our guiding principles of knowledge, creativity, and leadership.

Every student’s active week includes time to explore and express his or her talents and interests through:

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  • Leadership Camp
  • Art Shop
  • Computers
  • Library
  • Drama & Movement
  • Music
  • Physical Education with EduSports