SEED Curriculum

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Our curriculum is based on Swiss developmental psychologist and philosopher, Jean Piaget’s theory of Ages and Stages of Development. It focuses on the idea that children learn best through active, hands-on exploration. With caring and well-trained teachers as guides, the SEED curriculum encourages a child’s growth and facilitates exploration in a stimulating environment. Our well-rounded curriculum promotes learning and development in social, emotional, physical, language and cognitive spheres.

Customized Curriculum

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SEED’s curriculum adapts to reflect the changing interests, needs and abilities of each child. Daily observation and documentation, and monthly parent-teacher goal setting help create personalized programs that allow children to reach their full potential.

Your children come to us with the wonder, desire, and will to learn. Our job is to ensure they leave SEED with their inquisitive natures enhanced and with the academic and social skills to help them succeed in school and life. 

Comprehensive Curriculum

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Our curriculum seamlessely integrates the best practices from international educational approaches like the High Scope’s Early Childhood with practices followed ICSE and CBSE. Our aim is to ensure the children are ready to face ICSE and CBSE portions when they move on to first standard in other schools.

Lesson plans are structured for each day with activities designed with each child’s developmental needs and skill levels in mind. Each activity incorporates learning goals and objectives to assist the teacher in observing children’s growth and helps you keep a track of your child’s development.

We realize that a curriculum is more than what appears on paper. We believe that a curriculum is everything that happens at SEED, from interactions and meals to singing and playing. We never miss an opportunity to educate.

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The curriculum is formulated to:

  • provide for safety while being appropriately challenging
  • encourage exploration, experimentation, and discovery
  • reflect the lives of the children and families and diversity found in society
  • promote action and interaction
  • support independent use
  • accommodate each child’s special needs
  • adapt to new interests and skill levels

Fun days at SEED


There is always something fun happening at SEED. The weekly schedule has specific days for story, exercise and yoga, water play, bhajans and shlokas, show and tell, book club, nutrition and healthy eating, and dressing in the colour of the month.

At SEED, we celebrate all festivals and occasions to add to the excitement and fun. Children come dressed up in traditional wear, do special activities, share sweets and savories, and take home a special craft.

SEED organizes monthly field trips based on the theme of the month. These trips help reinforce their learning as well as connect to the outside world. Events like the SEED Carnival, Grandparents Day, Project Day, Sports Day, and Family Day give children umpteen opportunities to showcase the knowledge and skills that they have gained through our program.

Parent Involvement

We believe you play a vital role in your child’s learning and development.

Transparency defines our approach to addressing your child’s issues. Every day, we observe and maintain records about your child’s activities, taking into account age-appropriate criteria. We share these observations with you during our monthly parent-teacher meetings. We encourage you to attend monthly meetings to have a better understanding of your child’s progress and also help set tailored goals for the next month.

We organize monthly field trips based on the theme of the month. You accompany your child on these trips, giving you an opportunity to meet our faculty and interact with other SEED parents. We also conducts free parent workshops on child-related topics like growth and development, food and nutrition, safety, first aid, etc.

We have also created special events like Project day and Family day, to involve parents in the SEED community. These events are favourites with our parents, and help bring the SEED Family together.