Teacher Training

SEED offers a comprehensive teacher training program in Early Childhood Education.

We train our teachers intensively on a variety of topics including but not limited to:

  • broad introduction to teaching
  • growth and development
  • SEED’s curriculum and lesson plan implementation
  • modules on language, math and science, and art

The modules also include guidance and discipline, multiple intelligence, and storytelling.

Teachers attend interim trainings through the academic year to keep them abreast with the latest research and methods in growth and development and teaching methodology. We also facilitate monthly meetings to connect teachers across all SEED centres.  This provides a timely window for discussion of problems and issues and work on solutions.

We also organize workshops on First Aid, Screenings for Special Needs, Puppetry, Language and Speech Development, and Storytelling to name a few. This is done so that our faculty can hone their skills and knowledge on these allied yet vital subjects that aid teaching.