Parent Voices

SEED Adyar, is my son Harsha’s second home; he has been going to this school since he was 1.8 yrs old. As I remember it, I was just yet another anxious parent, looking forward to putting my kid in the right ‘first’ school. I discovered later that things weren’t all that easy as Harsha refused to enter school from Day 2!

Day 2 of school is where my admiration for SEED and its staff/ faculty started. Starting from the watchman at the gate, the akkas, and SEED’s teachers went all out to set not just Harsha at ease, they kept me from getting disappointed too. Jaya Sastri gave me a small lesson on child psychology and how to deal with my kid’s tantrums/ separation-from-mom syndrome. And as his first teacher, I will never forget Supraja for her extreme patience and understanding. Her patience not just with kids, but with over-anxious mums like me too! Centre head Sundari brings together all these elements as one towering persona.

SEED focuses on each of its students individually and provides parents a hands-on idea of what goes on inside classrooms. I used to wonder what difference a ‘curriculum’ actually makes for a pre-schooler, and SEED changed that impression. Their fun techniques of teaching the alphabets keep my son singing his way through the language! He just loves it.

From a shy child with almost nil vocabulary, Harsha has learnt a lot from SEED that I as a parent wouldn’t be able to impart. SEED gives a sense of discipline along with the fun that children should have at this age. Be it sitting at a table and eating food with focus or being able to understand concepts like opposites, etc… SEED does it all. This is Harsha’s second year at SEED, with Viji as his teacher his learning curve is up by leaps and bounds.

As a proud parent, I will definitely say that SEED played the most important role in bringing out the best in my child.

My sincere wishes go to SEED, Adyar for many, many more years of molding young minds.

Harsha Prashanth’s mother, SEED Adyar

Even for a Big Tree, the seed is the origin. If the roots are strong, then definitely the tree will grow longer and larger. On my personal experience I recommend SEED heartfully as THE one and only school where a child can feel comfort in learning and playing.

The teachers are extremely proficient in their knowledge and they are well in-sync with the kids. We believe that between the quality of learning and the great teachers, SEED has the best opportunity for the kids to have fun and learn.

SEED School has positively shaped and affected our kid more than any other school experience to date. I believe that the experience that SEED offers is irreplaceable and crucial during the transition from childhood to young adulthood due to the instilment of important core values that are relied upon as a guide every day.

Note: SEED has the strength to compete with any other school in the city. So SEED should definitely grow to at least Xth Standard in order to shape their students as gems in the crown of our Nation.

I wish SEED all the best!

-Sai Preetam’s father, SEED Porur

I am proud to be a second time parent at Seed, my son left Seed at UKG and my daughter Aahana is currently in LKG and I hope to continue her at this wonderful place for another year.

Seed works on holistic development of the children especially their social skills. Seed children make their mark well beyond Seed since they pick up things fast and are sociable, well adjusted kids! This lays the foundation for them to kick-start their schooling in an enjoyable and safe environment.

Truly laying the seeds for a bright future indeed!

– Aahana’s mother, SEED OMR

SEED Anna Nagar is my little Sahaana’s first school. For a child who has not left home till 2.5yrs of age and someone who also had health issues due to milk allergy the past few months, it was with great apprehension that we sent her to school. Of all the schools in this area that we personally visited and enquired, Ms. Sheetal came across as the only person who took time out to counsel and explain to us how the school really functioned and why the child would be safe and learn a lot in this environment.

While we had the initial discussion we realised that here was a school that would put care of the child first and everything else later. We appreciated the personalised attention Sahaana gets and the feedback we get on a regular basis almost every day about her, unlike other schools where we are allowed to meet the teachers only once a month.

The way our daughter has learnt, the kind of fun activities she takes part in and the non-stressful way of getting her introduced to reading and rhyming are all hallmarks of SEED and we are thankful for it. She has thoroughly enjoyed her field trips and the schedule of learning put up by the school is followed without exception. The way fun days are celebrated as we are sent pictures makes us feel part of the SEED family and SEED a part of ours.

Whenever we mention little details about her diet, her preferences and what she should not eat etc, even if its a very small thing, it is given due importance and followed, we really appreciate that and this is what has built tremendous trust in us about SEED.

All in all, it’s been a great 3 months and we hope good times with SEED will only get better!

-Sahaana’s Mother, Pre KG, SEED Anna Nagar

We love SEED school. I say ‘we’ because just as my daughter loves her school, I too do! I feel it is an extended family. I think the teachers (prefer to call them Aunty) are very kind. They seem to be great friends for our kids. And what else could we ask for! I can see a great improvement in my kid’s vocabulary at the age of 3… I am impressed!! And SEED has also been a moral support for my kid in difficult times. Thank you SEED family!

                                                                                         -Sahasra’s mother, SEED Thiruvanmiyur

There is an anticipation of excitement associated with the first day of school. This anticipation is more for parents than for the kids considering the fact that kids do not understand the magnitude of how big an occasion it is for them. For us parents, it is like leaving our soul in a place where it has never been up until then, wondering how it will cope up. We experienced the same – the excitement, the concern, the expectation, and the joy of seeing our son walk through the gates of a school for the first time.

Looking back, I feel that all the concerns that I had for our child were uncalled for, as he has grown up considerably after joining Seed – both physically and intellectually. The kid who had trouble uttering a word properly is now seen running around the house singing rhymes and addressing all the members of the family.

I have no words to express my gratitude to the entire teaching and non-teaching staff at Seed for the work they have done on our child to transform him into this great bundle of joy for all of us. Some say that home is the first school for a child; but for our child it is Seed indeed. Thanks to you, he is growing up well.

-Rehaan’s mother, SEED Thiruvanmiyur

I was in search of a good school for my daughter. I was looking for one with a good environment and with professionally trained teachers who can communicate well with kids.

By then I heard about SEED and I stepped in and the first thing I noticed when I walked through the gate were the welcoming smiles, warmth and graciousness of the staff. They made me and my daughter feel welcome and special.

There was so much eye candy around, that my daughter and I had a tough time deciding what to look at first! She gravitated towards the love birds, the ball pool, the slide and I walked towards the framed pictures on the wall. Everything had an individual touch. Every room was so clean and arranged well.

I didn’t have a second thought. My heart and mind told me “This is the place.”
SEED has the best professional teachers who love their jobs. As a mother I understand how the teacher spends her exclusive time with our children to help them develop. I appreciate Lavanya Miss and Anitha Ma’am who constantly inspire our children and look for newer and more innovative techniques of working. The learning process is motivated and I can see the core skills, talent and capabilities brought out in my child.

I am so happy to see my child with good attitude, her liking to go to school, her love towards her teachers and friends and her longing to start in the morning proved the essence of care and devotion rendered to my child at school. I am so proud to see my daughter happy in a safe and secure place. The genuine love, affection and concern that the teachers show the children at SEED truly make it a child’s home away from home.

-Jiya’s mother, SEED Velachery

It gives me great pleasure to send my son to Seed International.

My Son, Sairam, joined Seed in Jan 2012 as part of Play Group at the OMR branch. Currently he attends the Pre-school Program. Ever since he joined, he has developed a liking for the school – so much so that he looks forward to going to school even on weekends!

Seed has helped my son in the following ways:
1. Mingle with other kids
2. Perform on stage (as part of the annual day function in March)
3. Independent in doing his activities like eating food, drinking water, wearing his clothes
4. Most importantly, they helped in his potty training too.

The teachers, Geeta, Nivedita, Brinda, etc, at Seed OMR have been very courteous, very caring and have given excellent attention towards Sairam.
Not to forget all the akkas – Usha, Malar, Mariam and Rani. Even they have been very friendly, as Sai keeps mentioning their names at home.
The level of patience, tolerance and observation by the teachers on each child is admirable.

On the whole, my son has been lucky to be part of Seed OMR.

-Sairam’s mother, SEED OMR

I am very pleased with T. Sahaas’ education program. First and foremost, SEED has a welcoming and friendly environment and a stimulating curriculum. My son likes to go to school and he talks about his teachers, friends, helping akkas and van driver all the time. Sahaas has learnt alphabets, numbers, shapes, rhymes and color. SEED has prepared him to face the kindergarten with better pre-reading skills, richer vocabulary, and stronger basic math skills.

All the working staff is responsible, enthusiastic, and well prepared. The teachers are loving but firm. A special mention about Mrs. Sheethal. She has the ability to listen, share and respect others. She has patience beyond measure, She understands that she cannot fix everything and everyone yet is assertive and most importantly, she thinks outside the box. She is capable of understanding the strength and weakness of children and work towards channelizing the energy so well to bring out the talents.

SEED provides the opportunity for the parents to understand the child’s psycho-motor development. I feel that this information is very important for the parents to understand the child’s developmental milestones.

Last but not the least, the non teaching staff plays a phenomenal role in keeping the environment and children clean and take care of children very well.

We look forward to continuing progress. Thank you for all your efforts on behalf of my child.

-Sahaa’s mother, SEED Anna Nagar

It is with great pleasure that I write this testimonial for “Seed-International” – one of the best play schools we identified and admitted our daughter “Nanditha”. First thing comes to my mind about Seed is Immaculate, Secure (Safe as house), nice surroundings (Tress and good sunlight), and it has got great outdoor play area.

We had some doubts in the beginning as our daughter was not comfortable going to school then we brought the issue to the Branch Head, Deepa. She has taken extra care along with her other wonderful staff and we could see the drastic changes within a week. My daughter now loves to go to school even on weekends :).

Children are treated, without exception, with kindness and respect; each child is made to feel so valued and important. Most importantly, SEED follows an excellent curriculum which is really innovative. My daughter enjoys it to the core, and as parents, we could also see pretty good improvement on her performance. I will definitely recommend my friends and relative circles to look for “Seed” as their first option.

-Nanditha’ s Father, SEED Nanganallur

We have had the pleasure of having our two daughters start their early education in SEED. SEED has a well-trained and caring staff. Their curriculum is well thought-out and structured, with excellent art and craft work to enhance kids creativity and involvement.

Education at Seed makes kids more confident, creative and well equipped to carry on their future education at regular school.

– Mirunalini & Priyanka’s father, SEED Thiruvanmiyur.

Big smiles.
That’s the first thing I see every morning when I drop off my daughter. From teacher to akka, every single person summons up a big, friendly smile for every single child that walks into the gate.

There’s an aura of positive energy and comfort in Seed school, Adyar that I’ve rarely seen in other schools. When young children are enveloped by such warmth, it goes without saying that they settle down very fast. Going to school is akin to coming home!
Every child gets the vital, individual attention that he or she needs at this stage of learning. I always get detailed feedback on my child, that proves to me how closely and carefully she is being observed.

To put it very simply, Seed School Adyar is my definition of a happy school 

-Sadhna’s mother, SEED Adyar

I feel proud that I have found a very apt school for my son who has just took his first step in learning the world around him. SEED means that children come here at this stage and later travel to gain the knowledge tree with the right nutrients like positive loving atmosphere, true compassionate teachers and caring, sincere akkas. Above all, the soil which is important for the seed to grow – passionate management. All in right proportions help the young ones to develop their confidence and they branch out to reach sky. Thanks a lot for making that difference in my son’s life. I WISH YOUR SEED REACHES MORE HEIGHTS IN THE FUTURE.

-Raghav’s mother, SEED Thiruvanmiyur.

We were considering many schools near our house for our daughter Omisha, however the one thing that attracted us towards SEED is its approach in making us realize what we want for our daughter at this juncture in her life – A fun filled interactive forum to express and learn herself.

Our belief in and judgment of the school’s value system were correct to the extent that my daughter misses her school very much on her weekends and holidays. We hope to get her admission in a school with similar environment when she outgrows SEED’s folds.

-Omisha’s father, SEED Anna Nagar

After visiting a dozen schools and a million meetings with Ms. Ramya, my husband and I decided to enroll our two year old son, Aryan, with SEED. Still standing on wafer-thin ice, we waited and watched. Aryan took to the school and teachers like a fish to water. SEED has become his home away from home.

With an all-round syllabus backed by a fantastic group of teachers, Aryan has learnt an array of concepts at SEED. The teachers and the caretakers take on the role of a mother at the school; hence the environment created is conducive to learning.

I’m so grateful that Aryan’s first impression and experience of a school has been a positive one. I thank the entire staff of Seed for giving Aryan an amazing launch pad to a bright future.

-Aryan’s Mother, SEED Porur

I have to start of by saying that SEED has played a huge role in Ishaan’s growth in every aspect, for which his dad and I are immensely grateful.

When I asked Ishaan who his favorite teacher is, he started off with his Sheetal aunty and went on to akka’s and wound up with watchman thatha. He seems to love everyone on SEED’s campus! He associates every person to something at home, meaning:  when I sit with him for art and craft work or story telling, immediately he says, “Sheetal aunty does this and that.” When it comes to eating, “Shanti aunty said to chew like a caterpillar.” Even in the loo he tells me how akka has asked him to hold his shirt. All SEED teachers seem to play very great roles in his early childhood.

Thank you Seed for helping me with my son’s growth.

-Ishaan’s mom, SEED Anna Nagar

Our elder son Zayd Bhattacharyya graduated from Seed Adyar in the year 2005. We had a very happy time with SEED. So we always wanted our second son Zaahin Bhattacharyya to follow his footsteps.

But unfortunately we could not put Zaahin at SEED Thiruvanmiyur when he grew up to play school age (we shifted from Adyar to Thiruvanmiyur) due to communication gap or just call it destiny.

So, we got him admitted into another play school at Besant Nagar. Zaahin is a happy kid but kind of touchy and gets upset if unknown people try to invade his personal zone. They failed to realize his needs and used the old technique of keeping the kids happy in a school, that too without his liking. As a result, Zaahin grew a dislike for schools. Within a span of 15 days the dislike turned into a fear – a fear of being forced into a colorful looking ugly world.

We pulled him out and assured him that he will never be forced into any school ever. Then Zaahin was two and a half years old. We kept him at home for one full year to undo the effect the play school teacher had left on his mind. Before Zaahin joined SEED he went to another school but they could not win his trust either.

Finally we had a long chat with Jaya Sastri who assured she could handle Zaahin in the correct way with her expert team of teachers (Aunties as the kids call them). We landed at Seed Tiruvanmiyur and narrated the whole story to the Centre Head, Maha, and she assured us that Zaahin will be fine at SEED.

With this started a new phase, a new challenge of making Zaahin like a school. We had no clue as to how to do that but Maha had newer methods and fantastic plans everyday to make him settle at SEED.

I appreciate her patience and hard work from the core of my heart. She made inroads to befriend Zaahin first and then invited him to the classroom. Nothing attracted him in this newer school, neither the new friends nor the colorful setting. For close to two months I stood outside the school gate and Maha inside with Zaahin inside the gate but out of the School.

Finally one fine morning Maha along with other teachers, persuaded Zaahin to attend the class with the other kids. He took his first steps towards the School without tears in his as well as our eyes.

We are indebted to SEED for the privileges provided at all times. We are thankful to Maha and the entire team of Teachers and Akkas who have put up with all this. Along with Maha the Teachers and the Akkas co-ordinated so well, they supported us in all situation and never did Zaahin cry ever again.

Zaahin’s favorite Akka, Shashi Akka is worth mentioning. Starting from Maha Aunty to Rohini Aunty and now Malini Aunty is his hot favorite.

Zaahin loves SEED and we do too.

-Zaahin’s mother, SEED OMR

SEED is care, knowledge, and fun put together! My son loves SEED.

Hats off to the qualified and dedicated staff who pay genuine attention to each child and cater to their individual needs, not just boosting their morale but also helping their overall development.

                                                                                                    – Elijah’s mom, SEED Anna Nagar

Regular learning apart, SEED has given Avanthika a good solid foundation on social skills and language.

The way she was handheld right from her first day, made her go through this very positive change.

Thank you team SEED.

-Avanthika’s Dad, SEED Thiruvanmiyur