After School Programs

We offer a variety of after-school programs to engage children and hone their skills

Seed Little People’s Academy

Look no further for your child’s creative needs. SEED Little People’s Academy (SLPA) is a one-of-a-kind, year-round afterschool program for your child, thoughtfully put together to stimulate development of the whole brain. It a structured 5-day/week, year-long program covering all aspects of development. SLPA hones language, math, science, and art skills. The curriculum at SLPA also exposes children to fun-filled extra-curricular activities like dance, storytelling and dramatics, music and shloka, chess, art and craft, pottery and yoga – all under one roof. The two-hour program is divided into two segments – Skills and Activity. Skills include a math, language and science labs, art techniques, and life skills. Activities include music and shloka, dance, yoga, storytelling and dramatics.

Summer Program

Through discovery and exploration, your child will experience the summer of a lifetime at our signature SEED summer camps.

Our teachers plan creative activities for all age groups. We work collaboratively to develop a curriculum that focuses on and takes advantage of all that the summer offers. We use our playgrounds and the surrounding community as an extension of our centre, helping children to discover science and explore nature, creative art, music and dance, while learning about the vast opportunities in the world around them.

The curriculum for summer programs ensures that the children have fun and develop a sense of awareness of the world around them. It includes a focus on issues that affect the earth and our environment, offering our teachers numerous opportunities to adapt the curriculum for any age group.

Guest visits from police and fire officers, magicians, musicians, and puppeteers add to our program. One of the integral parts of our summer program is the opportunity parents have to participate in their child’s summer experience. From getting involved in home projects to enjoying the finale events, we value and encourage our parent-teacher partnerships.