Summer Program

SEED’s summer camps help your children see the world as an invitation to learn and grow. Through discovery and exploration, your child will experience the summer of a lifetime, while enrolled in our signature summer camps.

Our teachers are creative when planning activities for all age groups. They work collaboratively to develop a curriculum that focuses and takes advantage of all that the summer offers. Our staff uses our playgrounds and the surrounding community as an extension of the center, helping children to discover science and explore nature, creative art, music and dance, while learning about the vast opportunities in the world around them.

The curriculum for summer programme ensures that the children have fun and develop a sense of awareness of the world around them. It includes a focus on issues that affect the earth and our environment, offering our teachers numerous opportunities to adapt the curriculum for any age group.

We also bring in guests for our young children. Visitors such as petting zoos, local police and fire departments, magicians, musicians, and puppeteers are happy to come to the center. One of the integral parts of our summer program is the opportunity parents have to participate in their child’s summer experience. From getting involved in home projects to enjoying the finale events, we value and encourage our parent-teacher partnerships.